Problems In Our Public School System - Episode 22


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Look firsthand into the public education system for a bird's eye view of what exactly goes on and how the minds of our youth are easily squashed or watered. Learn the methods of how many children are kept at ignorance level and what can be done to change this. This Episode will hopefully stir anger and a desire for change. Listen to Napoleon Hill and the Devil converse over matters of our public education system. The Puritans were the first in America to set put places for their children to gather and learn about core values. Thomas Jefferson first suggested starting schools for education and using tax dollars to fund them, at the time he fell on deaf ears and it would be much later that public education would finally find its time. There is nothing wrong with have a gathering place for neighbors to meet and learn writing, reading, math, science, and more. The problem lies in the funding. It appears the ones who hold the currency given out to schools decide what the children will do; and currently they decide our children will memorize.

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