Ep. 310 - Eugenics "Works," Says Richard Dawkins


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Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics.
— Students near Seattle protested after their Catholic school fired two teachers in same-sex relationships. (0:22)
— A Christian political group posted a survey about how much people wanted Christian politicians. It didn’t go well. (9:55)
— Sen. Amy Klobuchar needs a much better answer on how big to make the Democrats’ “big tent.” (14:30)
— High school girls are suing to prevent trans athletes from competing against them. (21:26)
— A professor who refused to call a student by the proper pronoun has lost his legal challenge. (22:22)
— Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park, looks like it’ll be shutting down soon. (24:24)
— For some reason, Richard Dawkins wants you to know that eugenics works. (28:30)
— A satirical pro-Trump road sign was a bit too realistic for many. (43:22)
— Two Christian girls want other young women to know self-affirmations are the WORST. (45:00)
— A Tennessee man is accused of beating his wife because of what she wore to church. (47:47)

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