#85 | Highway One


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"Nerve endings. That's what it all comes down to. Billions of rooted synapses, like trees entwined in erratic soil. Lightning strikes every millionth of a second, the charges scattering across the gaps and down a spinal braid." - Ryan Galloway, Biome || 01. Alva - Natural Trip [Nutek] || 02. Jakaan - Humans [Digital Om] || 03. Estefano Haze - Preciousness of Life [Iono] || 04. Ghost Rider & Kathy Brauer - Only One [VOOX] || 05. Sundose - Sun Valley [Iono] || 06. Metronome - The Choice (Deep Kontakt Remix) [Blue Tunes] || 07. MoRsei - Web of Life [Digital Om] || 08. Heisenberg - Reality [Savva] || 09. Ovnimoon - Pistilo [Infused Traxx] || 10. Audiomode - Beautiful Yesterday [Solar Tech] || 11. Static Movement - California Dreaming [Sol] Never miss an episode! Subscribe to the Full Spectrum podcast, find the latest releases at http://ffaze.com

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