Ep. 54 - David Ernst on Liquid Democracy


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In this installment of the Future Grind podcast host Ryan O’Shea discusses the concept of liquid democracy, or democracy 3.0, with David Ernst. David is an entrepreneur and technologist advocating for and working to build the infrastructure to support liquid democracy, which is a combination of direct and representative democracy in which voters can choose to directly vote on legislation, or can delegate their vote on any issue to someone who they feel is more capable or qualified to make those decisions. David’s current major project is Secure Internet Voting, or SIV, which promises to offer fast, private, and verifiable internet voting. He also runs Democracy Space and hosts the Liquid Future podcast, which explores Democracy 3.0 and other visions for the future of government and society.

They discuss how liquid democracy can be implemented today with no changes to law, the failures of partisanship, the possibility of AI making political decisions, and much more.

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