Microbiome Mechanics – Jonathan Hull, Head of Business Development at Thryve – Weight Loss, Probiotics, Microbiome Testing, and GI Health


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In this podcast, Jonathan Hull, Business Development Head at Thryve Inside (thryveinside.com), discusses probiotics weight loss, microbiome testing, the importance of gut health, and the latest evolution in microbiome products.

Hull talks about the early origins of Thryve, and explains how they grew from solely a microbiome testing company into a manufacturer of individualized probiotics designed for improving overall gut health. Hull describes the kinds of probiotics they offer, and how their offerings are based on testing results. As more people are discovering that GI health is an important key to overall health, new products are making their way to the marketplace, but it’s important to know which ones are right for you. Hull continues his discussion on gut health by discussing many various gastrointestinal conditions and gut distress.

Hull expounds upon the latest evolution in microbiome products, and he explains how academic and business/industrial leaders alike are interested in expanding research of microbiome issues. Hull explains how the microbiome is incredibly influential with overall body health. Wrapping up, he discusses consumer-based genetic testing, and the ever-growing interest in microbiome issues.

In this podcast:

  • Which microbiome products could be right for you?
  • Genetic testing and microbiome testing—what can they tell you?
  • The expanding interest in gut health

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