HP Delivers on the Future of Work and Play at CES 2021 An interview with VP Mike Nash


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On this episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast – Interview Series I am joined by Mike Nash, Chief Technologist and VP of Customer Experience and Portfolio Strategy, Personal Systems at HP. Mike is responsible for making sure products and technology that HP develops meets the needs of customers — a vital role in today’s business climate.

Our discussion centered on how HP is delivering on the future of work and play at CES 2021 and was a great addition to my conversation with HP’s Alex Cho on The Six Five Podcast with Patrick Moorhead. Be sure to check out that conversation as well.

The Future of Work and Play at CES 2021

My conversation with Mike also revolved around the following:

  • An exploration into HP’s 2021 CES theme “The Three C’s” and how it ties into 2020’s theme “The PC is Essential”

  • How remote work and hybrid work might continue to evolve this year

  • How HP is building the solutions to meet the changing needs of consumers

  • What HP is excited about sharing at CES 2021 including the new advancements being made in software and services

CES is an exciting time of year for tech companies as they launch new products. And even though this year is remote, the advancements that are being announced, including a few from HP are going to continue to move digital transformation forward. This episode is a must listen for anyone interested in the technology that will continue to transform the way we work and live.

Disclaimer: This show is for information and entertainment purposes only. While we will discuss publicly traded companies on this show, the contents of this show should not be taken as investment advice.

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