Gal Pal Watch Interview with Danielle Earle!


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Episode 50: Interview with Danielle Earle!

Hey queeros! This week we have a very special episode, our second interview ever (check out our Pride month interview with Mandahla Rose in the archive!). This week, we're talking with filmmaker, writer, director, and producer Danielle Earle. Danielle has approximately 3,000 projects because she is extremely passionate about grassroots filmmaking and representation. And we are lucky that she is! You can find her on Instagram @de227, Twitter @PLSTREETTEAM, and on her website, We talk about some of the projects she's worked on in the past, including films and web series, and the many upcoming ones, including Chasing Love, (which you can find on Instagram, Facebook, and their website -- go donate!) We hope you enjoy this conversation :)

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