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Our guest this week is tax expert Russell Fox. Interesting tax items discussed include taxes on crypto-currency, reviewing the criteria for whether or not you are a professional gambler, the implications of not having a tax home, and how the WSOP Main Event final table winners actually did after taxes.
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Show Notes
[00:00] Introduction of tax advisor, Russell Fox of and
[00:30] Recent changes in tax laws, foreign crypto currency exchanges
[06:03] Coinbase summons letters
[11:20] Schedule C filing as a part time professional gambler
[13:47] Does having many W2G's increase audit risk?
[18:43] Using player's club data during an audit
[20:50] Taxation of private football pool entry, winnings, losses
[25:35] California proposal to end deduction of gambling losses
[26:52] California law requiring primary candidates to release tax returns
[28:38] South Point Casino August promotions - South Point logo merchandise, free play, free video poker classes
[30:13] - Gold membership offers correction on most games
[31:44] Filing lost W2Gs, reconciling inaccurate W2Gs
[42:24] Can traveling expenses be deducted if you live on the road?
[44:46] WSOP final table tax liabilities
[49:23] How to properly stake a poker player, Form 5754, 1099-MISC
[52:25] Tax Help for Gamblers by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien
[53:30] Sending a tax return by regular mail
[56:25] Contact Russell at
Tax Help for Gamblers by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien

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