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Our guest this week is Ryan Growney, General Manager of the South Point Hotel and Casino, about what to expect when Nevada casinos reopen on June 4.
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Show Notes
[00:00] GWAE podcast availability on iTunes, Spotify,, Youtube, Stitcher
[01:39] Introduction of Ryan Growney, the general manager of the South Point Casino
[02:37] What measures will be used to keep casino customers and employees safe?
[09:48] Temperature screening
[13:17] Hotel rooms, housekeeping, and room service.
[16:01] Will masks be available for casino guests?
[17:09] Casino chip sanitation
[18:58] Patron contact tracing
[20:39] Will there be a smoking ban?
[21:32] Will there be an occupancy limit?
[22:40] Can slot customers move chairs?
[24:33] Can a disabled slot be turned on?
[25:47] Will the South Point use plexiglass dividers?
[27:09] Will there be changes to the W2G procedures?
[27:34] Will employees be wearing gloves?
[28:44] Will the pay tables change?
[29:14] What will happen to the unfinished March promotion?
[31:59] Poker room procedures
[34:12] Restaurant reopening plans
[37:10] Will the movie theater reopen?
[38:41] Will there be special rules at the pool?
[39:16] When will the lounges and showroom reopen?
[40:14] Employed training information
[41:59] Managing employee schedules and opportunities
[44:41] South Point Casino - free video poker classes are cancelled through this fall
[45:16] - place small bets on political events, $20 deposit match for GWAE listeners
[45:45] - card counting training website and community, a few spaces are still available for the June boot camp
[46:00] - Gold Membership offers correct on most games, Pro membership includes Ultimate X
[46:51] Recommended - The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova, Peaky Blinders on Netflix
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