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Our guest this week is sports bettor James Holzhauer, whose claim to fame is earlier this year winning just shy of $2.5 million on Jeopardy! We discuss his Jeopardy! success, along with his other gambling interests, including what's next for him.
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Show Notes
[00:00] Introduction of James Holzhauer, professional sports bettor and Jeopardy! champion
[00:28] Summary of James' Jeopardy! winnings and records
[01:02] The Jeopardy! contestant screening process
[03:28] Ken Jennings
[06:00] James' future plans
[10:38] How did James start gambling?
[14:01] Emma Boettcher's strategy
[16:30] Daily Double and Final Jeopardy! betting strategy
[19:12] South Point Casino August Promotions: South Point logo merchandise, free video poker classes
[20:21] - Gold Membership offers strategy correction on most games
[21:01] Buzzer practice
[21:53] Did James plan to be gracious in in defeat?
[22:45] Studying the Jeopardy! archive and children's books
[24:35] Board game discussion
[26:34] Has James dabbled in card counting?
[26:57] WSOP, Party Poker, and Project 150
[29:01] Cleveland Browns Super Bowl futures
[30:55] What other sports does James bet on?
[31:27] In-game NFL betting
The Logic of Sports Betting by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow

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