Gambling With an Edge - listener emails part 2


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No guest again this week as Bob and I answer listener questions plucked from the mail bag,
We welcome your questions - send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter or
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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction
[00:46] Reconciling personal records with casino win-loss statements
[05:15] Checking OSN and other databases
[07:04] Variations in DDB 9/6
[10:22] Blackjack counting, cover, and Wonging
[12:13] Hole-carding player banked table games
[13:50] Video poker pay table errors
[14:40] UTH hole-carding strategy and tips
[16:32] Handicapping the XFL
[17:32] Blackjack bet spreads
[18:45] Learning blackjack indices
[19:46] Cage demands to see a counter's identification
[22:57] Getting spoiled by a great play
[27:47] Sportsbook refuses to cash tickets without ID
[30:15] Roulette comps question
[31:39] South Point Casino February Promotions - free buffets, email free play, free video poker classes
[33:56] - gold membership offers correction on most games
[35:25] Why doesn't GWAE have a Patreon account?
[37:34] What games should a Vegas AP learn first?
[40:33] What ever happened to Jerry Patterson
[41:32] Vegas AP meetups
[42:55] Life after AP
[43:46] How to learn new ways to beat casinos
[47:31] Tipping on a six-figure win
[49:42] Tax withholding question
[51:47] Casino offers and EV
[53:28] Following a sloppy dealer from table to table
[55:42] An NFL promo with a potential loophole
[58:34] Recommended - Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Story Collider podcast

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