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This week Bob and I dip into the mail bag to answer listener questions.
We welcome your questions - send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter.
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Show Notes
[00:00] Introduction
[00:31] iTunes broken link and how to report time sensitive show problems
[02:11] Noises Off at Super Summer Theatre
[03:37] Royal Caribbean and MGM status match
[05:23] Why is GWAE only an hour long?
[06:00] Where is the best play to live as a new card counter with a small bankroll?
[07:54] Is traveling to get free play worth it?
[10:57] Should someone is always carded play rated?
[12:44] Will Eldorado honor Caesar's Seven Stars offers?
[15:35] How should listeners network?
[20:46] How to avoid heat at table games?
[22:45] How can a listener help people get bets down?
[23:52] Bob's blackjack history.
[25:35] How should a player deal with an unresponsive host?
[27:07] Tropicana in Atlantic City voucher policy
[29:41] How can players manage terms of service risk with off-shore online casino bonuses?
[32:55] Question about video poker speed and comps.
[37:42] South Point Casino September Promotion - City Lights Shine bottles, free video poker classes
[39:24] - gold membership offers correction on most games
[41:14] Was a baccarat tracking system successful due to luck?
[42:29] How does Bob log his gambling activities?
[46:58] Is it to late to learn how to beat video poker?
[48:45] Blackjack Apprenticeship
[49:47] Variance in a two million hand FPDW sample.
[52:54] What is the best way to play promotional chips?
[56:55] How can you exploit a game when the information is scarce?

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