S1E7 - Best Online Games: Sic Bo #7


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Few casino games use dice. At first glance, the sic bo looks a lot like craps, the other great dice game you'll find online at casinos. Sic bo is onlinecasino65.sg/sic-bo/, however, purely a game of chance, unlike craps, where players can show strategy. In craps, a game can be played on several dice rolls, while sic bo is played on a single shot. If you play for real money, you should know that the payout ratios vary by casinos ; they are always listed on the craps mat.

The principle of sic bo is very simple. With each move, the player bets on a combination of dice, and places his chips on the table, in the place corresponding to his bet. He wins if he correctly guessed the result of the three dice. The most ambitious bet, usually paid 150 times the starting bet, is called" Triple"; it consists of betting on a single number that must appear on the three dice. "Double" works on the same principle, but on two dice only. Many other bets are possible, such as "small", "big"," sum"," Duo "or"Simple". You will have understood : on all online casinos, the sic bo is a very simple game. To play it, you just need to know how to count... and that's it !

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