Episode 26: Nick Shaw - Author and Co-Founder of Renaissance Periodization


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Welcome to a new episode of Game 7: The Sports, Business and Lifestyle Podcast. I’m Michael Elkins, labor and employment attorney, founder of the law firm MLE Law, and your host.
My guest this month is Nick Shaw, author and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization (RP) a science-based nutrition and training company. In this episode, Nick and I discuss his newly released book, Fit for Success, which breaks success down to seven habits as learned from years of working with world class athletes such as CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning.

Nick places these seven habits — work ethic, internal locus of control, positive mindset, discipline, purpose, failure, and recharge — at the core of the book, and we discuss each in this episode.

Fit for Success dedicates a chapter to each habit, diving deep into what it means to, for example, work hard. Shaw takes what he’s learned in the past six years at the helm of RP, as well as research from books on topics like self-improvement and economics, then combines it with a real-life narrative to explain each habit. At the end of each chapter, he suggests ways to put the habit into practice.
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