111 Take Breaks, Get a Co-Producer & Co-Writer, Take Breaks Again with Gary Kings


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Gary Kings of National Insecurities is a lead game designer, writer, editor that has worked on games such as Once Upon a Crime in the West and 2000:1 A Space Felony.

We discuss:

  • Get a producer to optimize teamwork and productivity.
  • Before choosing a university, make sure it has the courses you want and need.
  • Get better at game design - play lots of games, have outside people play your games, figure out what’s have been done and what hasn’t been done before.
  • How Gary overcome his worst moment of not getting his game funded and his granddad passing away. He still found the motivation to make plans and finish his games.
  • Don’t get too excited if a publisher is excited about your game, it’s not a guarantee that they will fund you.
  • Take a proportional break based on your project to go on vacations, events and relax.
  • Keep making plans even when the last one fails. Keep a lookout for new opportunities.
  • Have an editor on board to improve the quality of writing.
  • Go to game jams to network and create quick games.
  • When you network, focus on making friends instead of just networking.


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