Shop Talk: Gear West, Long Lake, MN


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Today we’ve got another Shop Talk episode for you, where we speak with folks from one of our Blister Recommended Shops to get their perspective on a mix of topics ranging from broadly applicable to all of us, to topics that help us better understand what’s going on in the local community that each shop serves.

Mark "Osman" Osell and Jeff Perry join us from Gear West in Long Lake, Minnesota. We talk about the Minnesota ski scene; the Gear West campus; dropping cliffs in the Iowa backcountry; the fantastic bike culture of Minnesota, and more.


  • The surrounding community & ski culture of Long Lake, MN (4:32)
  • How covid has changed the dynamics at the shop (9:44)
  • The Gear West “campus” (15:42)
  • The progressive bike culture of MN (17:37)
  • Dropping cliffs in the Iowa backcountry (19:56)
  • “Dad boards” & the snowboard side of Gear West (23:48)
  • The bike side of Gear West (26:41)
  • What We’re Celebrating (32:46)

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