The Business of Apple Rumors w/ Guest Sam Kohl!


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We talk with Sam Kohl about the business and accuracy of Apple leaks, and how he tracks which sources are trustworthy. We also dive into the latest news on the iPhone 12s/13, Xbox Cloud Streaming coming to iOS and PC, and what to expect from Apple next month - all this and much more this week on Geared Up!


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1. Special Guest: Sam Kohl (00:01:30)

2. AppleTrack: The Accuracy of Apple Leaks (00:10:13)

3. iPhone 13 Rumor Rundown (00:13:51)

4. Apple March Event: iPad Pro, AirTags, & More? (00:34:22)

5. Sam’s Current Mac Setup (00:40:06)

6. Microsoft Testing xCloud Xbox Streaming in Browser (00:44:19)

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