176-Brian Volk-Weiss on “A Toy Store Near You” on Amazon Prime May 29th


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Producer Brian Volk-Weiss (instagram.com/brianvolkweiss) from “The Toys That Made Us” and “The Movies That Made Us” talks about his latest docu-series “A Toy Store Near You” debuting on Amazon Prime and YouTube May 29th. Find out how he made a TV show during quarantine with the purpose of helping toy stores from all over the world stay in business.

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0:00 Segment 1 Brian on how he got the idea for “A Toy Store Near You” and what COVID’s role was in helping it get made.

12:24 Segment 2 Brian on why “A Toy Store Near You” is premiering on Amazon Prime on May 29th and how he was able to get toy stores from around the world to participate.

22:40 Segment 3 Brian on which toy stores he plans on visiting as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted and whether the toy market is being flooded by collectors who are panicking because of COVID.

31:17 Segment 4 Want to advertise on Geek to Me or have a guest to recommend?

35:24 Segment 5 Brian on whether there will be more episodes of “The Movies That Made Us”, his new show on BET called “All the Way Black”, and his new Disney+ show called “Behind the Attraction” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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