Level 178 - "Reverse Epilogue"


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Join the Geekscape crew for a bi-weekly discussion about video games! Yes. We’re back. It’s been awhile (insert Shane’s Staind impression here), but we’re so happy to be here! We may have missed the launch of several consoles and the delay of seemingly every video game that was announced for 2020 (including Cyberpunk 2077 40 times), but mostly, we missed getting together to chat about video games with our friends. So here we are! A mixture of us will be here every fortnight (hehe) to discuss and give impressions on the games that we’ve been playing, and we’ll also be breaking down some important news items that are meaningful to us. What we’ve been playing: Walkabout Mini Golf Uncharted 2 and 4 but not 3 Mass Effect Andromeda 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand Microsoft Flight Simulator What else happened? Where the heck has everyone been? Carlos breaks down the Pokémon craze Derek buys every console Shane finally hit 144hz and still wants a PS5 The next PSVR will only have one cable! What the heck is Fry’s Electronics anyways (RIP)?

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