UPLIFT Week 1: What brings you joy?


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UPLIFT is our retreat just for women in development planned for June 4&5 in Miami. But, since we can't be together in Miami , we're bringing UPLIFT to you (even if you're NOT a lady in development) throughout the entire month of June!

So, the next 4 podcasts will be a little different. We're talking just to the ladies (sorry, guys , but you can still totally listen!)

In this first week of UPLIFT, we're exploring joy – not just happiness, but bubbly, bright, sparkly joy! In these past few months, with so much anxiety, sadness and stress, it's been tough to feel joyful. Listen and give yourself a few minutes to discover what really brings you joy. Once you know, you can really focus on it and, best of all, plan more of it.

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