Bulldogs by the Numbers Cincinnati Preview & Elite Offense Roadmap Complete


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Will UGA be motivated to play Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl? Who to watch out for on Cincinnati's roster. Why Cincinnati won't be able to hang with the Georgia Bulldogs. Recent Georgia history says yes. Also, 3 steps to be an elite offense.

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1. Cincinnati plays a really good defense (00:01:00)

2. Can the Cincinnati stop the Dawgs offense (00:02:41)

3. Cincinnati has only played one good offense and gave up a lot of points (00:03:43)

4. Georgia is motivated to win the Peach Bowl (00:04:14)

5. Cincinnati on offense vs UGA's defense (00:04:51)

6. Why Tug believes Ohio State should not be in the College Football Playoff (00:05:44)

7. More evidence the Ohio State shouldn't be in the CFB Playoff (00:07:07)

8. Notre Dame is not one of the 4 best teams in college football (00:08:06)

9. Tug would have put Texas A&M in over Ohio State but is ok with ND being in (00:09:19)

10. Tug think Florida may be one of the best 4 teams in college football (00:10:39)

11. Comparing Georgia's last three offensive coordinators (00:11:24)

12. The 3 steps for UGA to become an elite offense (00:12:47)

13. Steps 1 for UGA to become an elite offense (00:13:38)

14. Steps 2 for UGA to become an elite offense (00:15:00)

15. Does UGA start using play action more, since it works so well (00:16:05)

16. Steps 3 for UGA to become an elite offense (00:18:18)

17. Is Georgia already elite? (00:22:00)

18. Georgia is 2-0 vs Cincinnati (00:23:11)

19. Cincinnati should not have been in the CFB Playoff (00:24:11)

20. The answer is a Group of 5 National Championship (00:24:55)

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