#BlackAgenda : @JoeBiden's Plan for Black America - For US or for EVERYBODY else? #GetOnCode


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#JoeBiden's "Lift Every Voice" plan purports to help (so-called) Black Americans. @realDonaldTrump's Platinium Plan for Black #Americans purports to help Black Americans. Does either of their plans help US? Join #AfriSynergy's T. West, #iAMonyx Of the Onyx Effect and Unapologetically Black, political strategist #VangieWilliams, and#SekoVarner of #TheFlyGuysShow as we discuss #BidenHarris's #Black plan and determine if this is what we will accept. #GetOnCode - #EmpowermentAgenda

The Fly Guys Show is a series of melanated-focused conversations focused on #Empowerment and #Improvement. T. West: www.youtube.com/user/AfriSynergyNews Vangie Willaims: https://twitter.com/VangieWilliams I Am Onyx can be found here: @iamOnyxOfficial Of the Onyx Effect and Unapologetically Black FB: iamonyx1, unaplologeticallyblackpodcast

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