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Every day, Jessica shows up for the world as authentically “her” as possible. But it wasn’t always that way. Through most of her 20s, she struggled with body dysmorphia, romantic codependency, massively low self-esteem and thousands of dollars of credit card debt. It took a lot of therapy, deep spiritual journeys, self-work and most of all, self-responsibility to finally realize that she was out of alignment with her true self and that she didn’t have to be everything to everyone. And in fact, doing that was robbing her of living her best life.

So instead, she decided to zero in on who she was at her core and let that woman shine—a world-traveling big-thinking visionary with goddess energy and a superpower for helping others discover their unique essence. She created her own personal brand and realized that when she started showing up as her every day, my whole world changed. Life became infinitely better, and she became infinitely more … “her.” In 2014, her personal branding company, SimplyBe. Agency, was born. Her mission? When you set yourself free to Simply Be, you set the world free. She just released her first best selling book, as well as hosting a top podcast, speaking around the world and empowering women in everything she does!

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