Lex Allen: This mama and Nurse tells how she and Jimmie Allen fell in love kissing at a stoplight.


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This beauty just had a birthday and turned 25, so everybody send her a happy birthday message! Lex is young and wise. She follows her gut instinct and intuition. She isn’t scared to take big, scary leaps for life and love. Lex and Jimmie were set up to meet at his show from mutual friends. Lex is a nurse and came straight from work in her scrubs, naturally beautiful and confident without even trying. It was pretty immediate sparks for them. The first car trip they took, Jimmie leaned over and kissed her at a stoplight. Their instant chemistry gives Simon and Daphne from Bridgerton a run for their money. The next show he invited Lex to, he changed the words to his song to say “kissing at a stoplight,” then he walked through the crowd and laid one on Lex. I love their love story. It’s full of passion and willingness to dive all in. Lex shares with me what she’s learned from being a mama, how life has changed in so many ways the past year, the lessons learned from being a Nurse and handling life and death plus the rocket ship ride of Jimmie’s fame. Lex is so down to earth and relatable while being a total smoke-show sweet heart.

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