EP 031: Successes, Failures & Finding Your Passion w/ The Golf Guru, Jason Sutton


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In this episode we're joined by Jason Sutton, aka “The Golf Guru”, who is the Director of Instruction at Carmel Country Club in North Carolina and the host of the appropriately titled podcast, “The Golf Guru” show. But long before Jason was putting out 90+ episodes of his show, he was building a following online and developing his own brand, which as we talk about, has paid major dividends.

He’s a personal development junkie and as we walk through his story, we find out how his commitment to learning and growing inside and outside of golf has led him to the successful spot he’s in right now. Jason is open about one of lower points of his career and I think all of our listeners should tune into this part of his story. It’s an invaluable lesson and reminder that many times in order to achieve our goals, we need to experience some failures and learn from those lessons.

Jason loves to mentor young golf coaches and we get into how you would know if you’re meant to be a full time golf coach and what all young coaches should do first, if they want to get better. So no matter where you are in this industry and what type of Golf Professional you are, this is a great conversation with a lot of insight.
Check out Jason's podcast, The Golf Guru Show, and stay tuned for his new show "Coaching Better Now" which is part of the new Instructor Division of the Golf Business Network.


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