EP 032: Your Opportunities in Crisis w/ John Eades, CEO LearnLoft


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If you’re in a leadership role, there’s no doubt the spotlight has been shined on you to respond appropriately for all of the people that you impact. How should a good leader respond?
What if you’re not in a leadership role yet but are hoping to be in one someday soon? Are there lessons you can learn from this crisis? Where can you focus so that when it’s your turn to respond, you have the answers?
Thanks to our guest, Leadership Expert John Eades, we get the answers to these questions and more. John has been on the show before. Back in episode 008, he coached us through the importance of building a positive culture on your staff and the elements of a great culture. I encourage you to go back and listen if you didn’t hear that one.
This time, John encourages us as Golf Professionals to use this time to evaluate where we are in our skill development and capitalize on this unique opportunity to improve. Because as we’re finding out, the most valuable staff members are being retained in many cases. So, have you asked yourself, how much value are you bringing to your facility?
John is a very accomplished player, actually the reigning North Carolina Amateur Champion, and wants nothing more than to see all the Golf Professionals that make up our industry succeed and thrive. He’s passionate about his work and passionate about golf and you’ll hear all of that in this episode.
If you’ve been wondering if you’re taking advantage of the opportunities that come alongside such a difficult time, let John coach you through it in this episode.

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