EP26 Ghost Hunting in Wales' "Most Haunted" Places: Paranormal investigators Cymru Paranormal reveal what it's REALLY like to search for the supernatural in some of the spookiest Welsh locations


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What is it REALLY like to go ghost hunting in Wales' "most haunted" places?

To find out, Mark Rees (author of Ghosts of Wales) caught up with fully-trained paranormal investigators Cymru Paranormal to learn not just how to track down the paranormal, but how to do it ethically.

What are their scariest experiences? What equipment do you need for an overnight vigil? Do they use Ouija boards? And is it anything like the ghost-hunting TV shows and spooky movies that we see on our screens?

For some of the answers - and even more questions - listen to the latest episode of the Ghosts & Folklore podcast!

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