"Deconstructing the Rat Pack" with Rick Lertzman


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Entertainment historian and bestselling author RICK LERTZMAN ("The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney") discusses his new book, "Deconstructing the Rat Pack: Joey, the Mob, and the Summit" and joins Gilbert and Frank for a fascinating conversation about the heyday of nightclubs, the glory days of Las Vegas and the cultural impact of Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey and Peter. Also, Uncle Miltie whips it out (again), Sammy Davis blows through a fortune, Pat McCormick tanks "The Joey Bishop Show" and Jerry Lewis runs afoul of Sam "Momo" Giancana. PLUS: Sheldon Leonard! Louis Prima inspires Ol' Blue Eyes! Don Adams "borrows" from Bob Newhart! Rick hangs with Moe Howard (and Bud Abbott)! And the unknown reason behind Dean and Jerry's split?

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