Sitcom Writers Roundtable with Dave Hackel, John Markus, Bernie Orenstein and Bill Persky


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Gilbert and Frank are joined by an all-star panel of TV comedy writers, including Dave Hackel ("Wings," "Becker"), John Markus ("The Cosby Show," "The Larry Sanders Show"), Bernie Orenstein ("Sanford & Son," "Love American Style") and Bill Persky ("The Dick Van Dyke Show," "That Girl") for a hilarious and informative conversation about failed pilots, troublesome actors, bad network notes, the versatility of Danny Kaye and the volatility of Buddy Hackett. Also, John writes for Bob Hope, Bill disses Joey Bishop, Bernie shows Bing Crosby the ropes and Dave spends a memorable day with Truman Capote. PLUS: "The Cheap Show"! The Jewish Tom Sawyer! The genius of Sheldon Leonard! Garry Shandling breaks in! Redd Foxx holds out! And the boys remember the late, great Saul Turteltaub!

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