Ep 222: Mo’s reaction to her Lakers losing, Mel’s Bulls are heating up & put some respect on Cam’s name!


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Mo & Mel are back at it, starting off with some Hot Topics in sports; Tiger Woods car accident, Aaron Rodgers & his non-sports minded fiancé and the disrespect of Cam Newton by a HS camp attendee. The ladies dive deep into the speculation of Tiger’s unfortunate car accident, however happy to hear he came out of a successful surgery & doing well. The ladies also discuss the news of the guy who “throws a football” and the recent publicity of his engagement to a non-sports fan. And boy do the ladies have some thoughts on the high schooler who decided to talk “ish” to Cam Newton, at his OWN 7 on 7 football camp!

Plus Mel gets Mo’s reaction on her Lakers, having lost 3 (and today makes 4) games in a row, of course it doesn’t mean anything until playoffs. And Mel finally gets to give her Bulls some credit with a 5 out of 6 game winning record and kudos are given to Zack LaVine and his first All-Star game nod. Mo & Mel also discuss the debate of Devin Booker vs Trae Young in the “who deserves the All-Star spot” w/Mo making great points for one. As well as another special STAT filled #GirlPower mention.

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