Ep 47 - Haven’t We Done This Already?


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Update on COVID-19 time! The Mormon church is taking steps to reopen wards around the globe while there’s no evidence that we’ve effectively flattened the curve. They’re also investing some resources into making PPE for medical workers in the form of masks and surgical gowns made from sacred-underwear cotton. Plenty to discuss. Then, Braden tells us about After Life starring Ricky Gervais. We wrap with some happy news about a vodka company based in Utah making hand sanitizer to combat the ‘Rona. Plus listener mail and an iTunes review!

Angel's Trumpet:





Media of Great Price:After Life

Happy News:

Interesting contrast to the church. Church worries about stocks, while Utah vodka brand makes and donates sanitizer to the navajo nation: https://www.facebook.com/FiveWives/posts/2870931026289832

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