Glenn Clark Radio December 16, 2020 (Chris Board, Tommy Davidson, Patrick Stevens)


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It is #WouldYouRatherWednesday. Would you rather have the mud butt hit you while you're watching the Ravens in the Super Bowl or have it hit you when you've finally had a chance to go on a date with someone you've been lusting after online? Late in Hour 1, legendary comedian and actor Tommy Davidson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) joined us to discuss his iconic career, new book "Living in Color" and whether it's hack for us to make Lamar Jackson poop jokes. Early in Hour 2, our weekly visit with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, Washington Post) as we discussed Maryland's struggles-could this spiral away from them as tough competition continues?, the College Football Playoff mess and more. And at the bottom of Hour 2, Ravens linebacker Chris Board checked in with us to discuss his emerging role and the wild, massive win over the Browns Monday night.

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