Glenn Clark Radio December 29, 2020 (Brad, Nikki Bozeman/Stephen Bardo/Dave Ginsburg/Drew Forrester)


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The Bills are very good. Maryland got a very good win! Will it turn their season around? We had a lot to do on the show today-near the bottom of Hour 1, long-time AP Baltimore sports writer David Ginsburg joined us to discuss his retirement after 37 years with the AP, 30 in Baltimore. Who were the non-superstar athletes he most enjoyed covering? What was his biggest "pinch me" moment? Later in Hour 1, Drew Forrester ( checked in with us and it somehow turned into an argument about the Buffalo Bills and whether non-quarterbacks can ever win MVP? Early-ish in Hour 2, our weekly visit with Bradley & Nikki Bozeman covered their continued success, team gift giving, Bradley being able to totally skin and clean a deer and more. And late in Hour 2, FS1/Big Ten Network analyst Stephen Bardo checked in after calling Maryland's big win last night. Will it be a turning point or will it prove to be an anomaly?

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