Glenn Clark Radio December 30, 2020 (Femi Ayanbadejo, Rocky Boiman, Patrick Stevens)


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It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday-would you rather bet everything you have on the Chiefs winning the AFC or on the field (at the same odds)? Also, Kyle manages to Kyle things up OUTSIDE of the tradition Would You Rather model! Late in Hour 1, our weekly conversation with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, Washington Post) covered Maryland's big win over Wisconsin and what it could mean moving forward, Gonzaga's dominance and Loyola joining the party this weekend. Early in Hour 2, Ravens color analyst/former Super Bowl champ Femi Ayanbadejo checked in to discuss the team's finale in Cincinnati, potential playoff matchups and why he might have just as much faith in them now as he did a year ago at the same time. And we wrapped Hour 2 by chatting with former NFL linebacker/WLW Cincinnati host Rocky Boiman about Sunday's game-how much of a threat is Cincy after winning their last couple of games?

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