Glenn Clark Radio January 13, 2021 (Steve Tasker, Marc Ross, Patrick Stevens)


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It's #WouldYouRatherWednesday here on GCR. Would you rather the Ravens go bold and move up to draft Devonta Smith BUT the Steelers make the bold move of trading for Deshaun Watson OR Ben Roethlisberger comes back but the Ravens do nothing of significance with pass catchers? We got back to that at the bottom of Hour 2. Near the bottom of Hour 1, Bills color analyst/former All-Pro Steve Tasker joined us to preview Saturday night's Divisional Round game-including a few matchups he thinks benefit the Ravens. Late in Hour 1, our weekly chat with Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse, Washington Post)-how do you explain Maryland struggling so much in so many games but now having road wins at Wisconsin AND Illinois? Early in Hour 2, NFL Network analyst (and former NFL GM/scout) Marc Ross checked in to discuss Ravens/Bills-a matchup that he actually thinks benefits the Ravens as well.

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