Glenn Clark Radio January 4, 2021 (Derrick Mason, Jeremy Conn)


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Had a little bit of a tough start to today's show, but hey, it's playoff week! Let's try to enjoy it. What do the Ravens have to do for you to be able to consider the season a "success?" Is just finally winning a playoff game enough? Also, who deserves your "Pats on the Ass" for the Ravens in their Week 17 win over the Bengals? We did that and re-capped another brutal weekend for Glenn and Kyle in terms of NFL (and CFP) picks. In Hour 2, 105.7 The Fan's Jeremy Conn told us why he's very confident in the Ravens going into the Titans game, why the NFL needs to change their Draft concepts after last night's Eagles debacle and another lock hitting. And we wrapped the show by chatting with the great Derrick Mason ahead of Ravens/Titans Sunday-how does he root when these teams play each other?

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