Glenn Clark Radio January 5, 2021 (Brian Billick, Bradley & Nikki Bozeman, Michael Pierce)


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Another tough night for the Terps, but Ravens/Titans remains our focus this week. Are you at all scared about this week because of the Ravens' postseason failures the last two years? Early in Hour 1, Vikings Defensive Tackle (former Raven) Michael Pierce joined us-what went wrong in last year's game that could be different for the Ravens against the Titans this time? Later in Hour 1, our weekly conversation with Drew Forrester ( gave us bizarre new terms for a Ravens guarantee-a different type of spam sandwich. Early in Hour 2, Ravens Offensive Lineman Bradley Bozeman and his wife Nikki checked in to discuss the playoffs, being recognized by the City Council, Brad's "shimmy" in the Bengals game and the chance that maybe HE could make a Spam/Oreo sandwich bet with J.K. Dobbins for the national championship game. And we wrapped the show by chatting with Brian Billick about why he believes the Ravens are the most complete team in the AFC Playoffs and his own Ravens/Titans memories.

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