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29 days and counting - "Protests", Riots, Russians, Lootings & Shootings continue. The attack has also turned on removing statues of Jesus Christ. Yes, Christianity is under attack! This movement no longer is about death of George Floyd. It has everything to do with the Fundamental Transformation of America by Marxists organizations tied to the Democrat Party - From Antifa, BLM, & the Muslim Brotherhood, we are seeing the radical elements becoming more violent & virtriolic in silencing opposition voices. So much for the First Amendment of the US Constitution. You even have Liberal/Progressive Mayors trying to sell "Peaceful Protesting narrative" as Anarchists take over their cities & declare autonomous zones & the crazy defund police narrative! 15 FBI Agents quickly descend on Talladega Raceway to investigate possible hate crime, a noose was reported to have been found in Black racecar driver's garage. Oops it was rope used to pull down garage door, as used for other garage doors in bays in the building. But that fact wasn't good enough for Mr. Wallace. Democrat Party continues their lies finding a new Russian narrative for 2020 Election Year - Russian paying the Taliban a bounty for killing American soldiers. Democrat Party including the feckless & useless Speaker of the House going all in on unsubstantiated & unverifiable claims. Reckless is the Democrat Party Way! Join us at 6pm EST Monday where we will discuss this and more. Like us on FB & follow us on Twitter: @gpatriotradio @mamamiaNOsharia SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT!! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

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