Ep 14: Nadine Hachach-Haram


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Imagine you are sitting in a medical tent in a combat zone. You are the military surgeon and a solder is brought to you with injuries from a bomb blast that you have no idea how to treat. This wasn’t in your training. You have no idea what to do. How do you save this soldier’s limb - or even more importantly - this soldier’s life? Now imagine you are in a rural, remote hospital. A new patient is brought to you with a congenital condition you have never seen before. While you are a surgeon and had extensive training, this is beyond your expertise. They are clearly suffering and their daily life impeded. Do you turn them away? Do you let them suffer the rest of their life?

While seemingly extreme, these are not completely uncommon scenarios, especially in low-resource settings where a surgeon may need to wear many hats. However, using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), a team of passionate and dedicated individuals headed by Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram are seeking to make these situations a thing of the past. With even just a small tablet strapped to the side of the operating table, with their technology, surgeons can now use intraoperative video calling to get guidance on unfamiliar cases or to get mentorship and training from experts around the world.

Featured in top organizations such as TED, CNN, the British Army, and others, Proxime is a force for good that is changing the face of global surgery. Join us as we hear the inspiring story of Dr Hachach-Haram and the technology that is making a movement both inside and outside the walls of the operating room!

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