154. Pick Out The Time Traveler


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The men of GLoP reunite to discuss the hit Amazon Prime Video The Boys. Is it a parody? Is it an homage? Or just a dark comedy? We investigate (warning: there may be a minor spoiler or two in this segment). Also, when he was "Anonymous," the New York Times described Miles Taylor as a senior administration official. Spoiler alert: he was not senior and was likely not privy to any of the discussions he wrote about in the Times column or his book. We discuss. Also, is streaming really more popular than broadcast TV? Rob Long has some thoughts. Finally, who is the real Homer Simpson? GLoP debates. And yes, there is a bit of talk about the impending election (brace yourselves, commenters!), a mildly risqué joke that may or may not offend several billion people, and GLoP finally answers the question millions have pondered: what does former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and mass killer Charles Manson have in common? We're certainly not going to spoil that one.

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