BONUS | Sensitive Skin, Allergies and Mask-ne with Dr Leona Yip


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If our skin is sensitive and flaring up- how do we know what’s causing it? Is there a difference between sensitive and allergy-prone skin? What’s the link between rosacea and sensitive skin? Is mask-ne a real thing- and how do we get rid of it?! In this Bonus Episode of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts is joined by dermatologist Dr Leona Yip.

So many listeners and readers have reached out to me of late with questions about heightened skin sensitivities. As you know, I am an educated consumer and not an expert, and I firmly believe questions of this nature should be posed to those who really are qualified to answer them- so, I’ve enlisted the help of Dr Leona to get to the bottom of those skin irritations.

For complete transparency from the outset, this episode is sponsored by La Roche-Posay Australia however all of Dr Leona’s views are her own and, as per all of our Ask An Expert interviews you will hear absolutely no specific product recommendations throughout this interview.

I took to Instagram to ask you exactly what you wanted to know about sensitive skin, and I’ve taken your questions to the expert. In this conversation, Dr Leona answers your questions- from the difference between sensitivities and allergies and how to determine if you are in fact allergic to a skincare product, to how we can prevent and combat mask related breakouts, and the link between rosacea and sensitive skin.

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