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What IS laser hair removal and how does it work? Does it hurt? Are there any side effects? Is it safe for blondes and people with dark skin? Is it really permanent?

In this special bonus Ask An Expert episode I’m joined by Kirsten Cachia, Clinical Educator at Candela Medical. Laser hair removal has been one of our most highly requested subjects this year so, for our final Bonus episode this season, we are finally answering your questions. Kirsten is Candela Medical’s Clinical Educator and an undisputed expert in all things laser, and although this episode is sponsored by Candela, you won’t hear Kirsten recommending any specific products, machines or treatments. As per the rest of this Ask An Expert Series, I’ve sought experts to give you objective answers to your questions so that you can take that information and make your own educated decisions regarding which treatments are right for you.

In this episode, we’ve taken the questions YOU submitted on laser hair removal to Kirsten- from why we’re told we need to remove our fake tan and whether or not laser can actually work for those with blonde hair or dark skin, through to why hormonal changes have been known to reverse the effects of laser hair removal and what you should actually expect on the day of your treatment.

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