Special Guest: Sam Pessin, Co-Founder & President of Remote Year


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Today, Misty is joined by Sam Pessin, Co-Founder and President of Remote Year, to talk about how travel impacts self-development.

Remote Year is the pioneer and market leader in community-based travel experiences, bringing remote workers and remote learners to the most inspiring destinations on the planet to live, work, learn, and grow together. Remote Year has launched over 60 programs and helped thousands of professionals explore living a more fulfilling life in 37 cities, 30 countries, and 5 continents.

They provide an end-to-end platform for individuals and businesses to live, work and travel together in the most inspiring locations on the planet. You bring your job or ambition and they take care of all the logistics. While there are now options to experience a slice of the Remote Year magic in 1 week, 1 month, or 4 months, Remote Year’s most beloved and most transformational experience still remains the 12-month global adventure.

In addition to their work & travel programs, they offer retreats, customized experiences for businesses and organizations, learn & travel programs for individuals or teams who want to grow their skills and professional development through impactful group learning while traveling the world.

You can learn more by visiting Remote Year's website here.

For updates on Misty's travel experiences with Remote Year, check out our Patreon community. Misty is posting videos and candid check-ins in each country she visits.

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