230 - Is the Fear of Gaining Weight Holding You Back?


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In today's episode, we'll talk about how the fear of gaining weight is holding you back.

“I’m terrified to gain weight!”

So, we did a survey a few weeks back following the opening of the Going Beyond The Food Academy and we ask women who have shown interest in joining the program and ended up not to – why? Why did they decide not to join us?

The answers were fascinating and very revealing...

  • “I can’t seem to overcome the fear of weight gain and trust the process”
  • “I haven’t FULLY been able to embrace ALL of the sides of not dieting yet.”
  • “Want to believe that weight doesn’t play a role in how I feel physically but I can’t... so I need to lose weight”
  • “In certain ways, when I get to a certain weight and physically can’t do things comfortably so I need to lose weight”
  • “So, I’m not fatphobic. It’s ok for others to be overweight. I support them but for me it’s different. I don’t feel comfortable at a higher weight so I have to manage my weight.”
  • “Terrified of gaining more weight”
  • “I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable so I need to resolve this first”
  • “I’m afraid to try a non-diet approach as I think I’ll gain weight”.

I know I was right there with all of these women 8 years ago when I first encountered the concept of not dieting. I stayed stuck there for 3 years... painfully stuck!

The Fear of gaining weight

First thing, we all need to realize the mere fact that you have entertained the possibility of not buying into diet culture anymore as a celebration.

That you are considering becoming free from the shackles of dieting and body hatred to me is a win! So yeah to you...

And yes, you are right as you realize that in diet culture, stop restricting food and over-exercising you may gain weight. It’s a possibility. Just like not gaining weight is also a possibility, so is losing weight.

What you are realizing is that you will need to let go of control. That’s what is freaking you out. Not being in control. The freedom and the self-confidence you are seeking by being here, reading this post, listening to the podcast will only be accessible to you when you become willing to not be in control.

One cannot be free and yet be in control. Freedom means accepting to go with the flow.

And that’s scary...

Your body is in charge of your weight

Your body in all of its beauty and complication is really the one in charge of your weight. That’s why diets do not work. Dieting moves you in a false belief that if you can’t work hard enough and think hard enough about how to control food and exercise, you will be in control of your weight.

Letting go of this belief is the work...

In this episode of the Going Beyond The Food Show, we will dissect this fear of gaining weight together.

What you'll learn when you listen in today's episode:
  • Why it’s normal to be concerned with weight gain
  • Where the fear of weight gain comes from
  • The link between fear of weight gain and your power
  • 4 steps to overcome the fear of weight gain
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