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Women don’t diet because they enjoy dieting.

Women who diet do it because they think they have to.

From a very young age, women have been socialized that they are their physical bodies. Women have internalized that their worth is associated with their body and its ability to achieve the expectation from diet culture.

Not sure... let’s look at research released by Dove, for their ‘Self-Esteem Project’, It found that 96% of women in the UK reported feeling anxious about the way they look, compared with 86% in China, 72% in Brazil and 61% in the US. Only 4% of the women in all the countries surveyed would consider themselves ‘beautiful’, and by the time girls reach 17, 78% will be ‘unhappy with their bodies’.

Helping women leave and recover from diet culture is a feminist issue.

In today’s episode, we will discover why as health professionals, we need to adopt a specific non-diet approach for women.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

Why a non-diet approach specific to women? Feminism & diet culture The intersection between diet culture & women history Women socialization to diet culture Women internalization of diet culture Dieting is a feminist issue Women empowerment Non-diet Approach for women Professional Training Non-diet Approach for women mentorship

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