Episode #42 - Ghislaine Maxwell, Trump and Why Brexit Hangs in the Balance


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Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest has created quite a stir and the question that should be foremost in people's minds is, "Who's got her and who is she protecting?" Maxwell, as Jeffrey Epstein's COO was the brains behind the operation.
She's the one with the real information and if that information is now even partially under control of President Trump and his Attorney General WIlliam Barr as opposed to the bad apples in the SDNY then the rest of this summer heading into the election gets very interesting.
Maxwell's ties to British Intelligence and Israel's Mossad play into this as does the EU's final attempts to scuttle Brexit and bring the U.K. to its knees. This is the ultimate power play that spans two generations of entrenched players on both sides.
The future of the West may actually hang on what happens to her in the next couple of days.
Show Notes:
Maxwell Didn't Commit Suicide by Getting Arrested
Israel’s Failed Attempt to Start WWIII Is the Beginning of the End in Syria

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