Zac Zedrick (Part 2) - College Days


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I am so excited about this week's guest. Zac Zedrick is the men’s golf coach at my alma mater, Miami University. For those not familiar, it the original Miami based in Oxford, OH. Zac shares how he got started in golf, what it’s like to coach golfers with their eyes on going pro and some interesting insight into the differences of college golf and pro golf. We were having such a great conversation about Miami, past and current students as well as his wife who works for the First Tee that our interview ran a little long. So you’re in luck and get another two-part series this week and next! If you’re interested in Miami University, college golf and think you can pass Zac’s tournament quiz, then this episode is for you. Let’s get started... Follow Zac:Instagram - @coachzedrick Instagram - @miamioh_golf

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