A preacher walks into a pawnshop...


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...that's how a bad joke would start. The joke ends with a chaotic radioshow, proclamating everything from human's emancipation to the waddle!

Janet and device of girls head. you know?!
Chuck Carson - Wagons Rolling Westward (GAITY)
Scott Garrett - The Day I Died (OKEH)
Don Crawford - You're Gone (CONDOR)
Bob Fry - I'm Gonna Be Gone (REBEL)
Steve King - Long Lonely Road (MERCURY)
Len Barrow - Hades Highway (YANDEN)
Ray Norman - Heartbreak Station (NASCO)
Tod Tyler - Emancipation Proclamation (DITTO)
The Green Valley Trio - Slave Driver (WEDGE)
Nina Simone - Strange Fruit (PHILLIPS)
Sandy Cooper - The Big Stonewall (WYCO)
Hoyt Axton - Thunder'n Lightning (HORIZON)
The Hightower Brothers - Nobody's Fault But Mine (PEACOCK)
Oscar Hart & The Hartones - My Dreams (SAGE)
The Slades - The Waddle (DOMINO)
The Stylers - Pushing Up Daisies (GORDY)
The Jaguars - I Could If I Would (JANET)
Earl Wright - You Don't Know It (CUTT-RITE)
Prince Carter - Mr. Pawnshop (GO)
Frank Deaton - I Believe To My Soul (TARGET)
Bobby Beck - Swinging On A Chandelier (ABC)
Jimmy Ricks & The Ravens - Walkin' My Blues Away (MERCURY)
Curt Gibson - Cold Steel Door (CULLMAN)
Chuck Carson - The Preacher (GAITY)
Joe Tanner - The Battle (COLONIAL)
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