Dare not play the radio!


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...cause it's full of nutty ladies this time! One is trying to poison you with coffee, the other uses a bunch of killer 45's.

standing on the concept of social hospitality:
Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards - The Heel (ROULETTE)
Alma Balier - Tell The Truth (SGM)
Linda Leigh - The Scent (AMERICAN Int'l)
Roxie Williams - Fifteen Seconds (LUCKY 11)
Bill 'Zekie' Browning - I'll Pay You Back (LUCKY)
Ernie Maresca - Lonesome Blues (SEVILLE)
The Canadian Rogues - Keep In Touch (PALMER)
Bobby Sharp - Last Night In The Moonlight (DESTINY)
The Emersons - Hungry (NEWPORT)
Leslie York - Lightning Struck My Heart (KING)
Al Urban - Gonna Be Better Times (SARG)
Peggy Upton & Danny Buck - What'cha Gonna Do Tonight (STARDAY)
The Davis Twins & Sleepy Jeffers - Pretending Is A Game (STARDAY)
Homer & Jethro - The Nutty Lady Of Shady Lane (RCA)
Little Junior Parker - I Wanna Ramble (DUKE)
Mike & The Ramblers - Worry (BROOKE)
Rick Webster - Misty City (SPARTON)
Ron Hatfield - Bad Man (CINATONE)
Johnny Bond - All I Can Do Is Cry (COLUMBIA)
Ginny Wright - Indian Moon (FABOR)
Suzanne - You May Never Know (LIBERTY)
Roy & Georgia - Looking Up (CROSSFIRE)
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