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What the heck! There were too many doomsdays since the last show, so we were walking our blues away and share some of that with you.

Who's this we? Got a mouse in your pocket?
Zen Fuller - Doomsday (ACAMA)
Vernon Tayor - I Got The Blues (DOT)
Jules Blattner - Heartbeat (NORMAN)
Johnny Tyler - Bad Luck (RURAL RHYTHM)
Ronnie Self - Bless My Broken Heart (KAPP)
Alvis Wayne - Lay Your Head On My Shoulder (WESTPORT)
Jimmy Minor - Satan's Chauffeur (MERCURY)
Bo Diddley - The Great Grandfather (CHECKER)
Gene Ross - Endless Sleep (Dirty HERALD)
Phil Gray - Somebody's Got My Baby (ROBBINS)
Laurie & Larry Collins - Lonesome Road (COLUMBIA)
Jimmy Williams - What A Change (ROULETTE)
Jimmie Skinner - Walkin' My Blues Away (MERCURY)
Eddie Bond - The Monkey And The Baboon (DIPLOMAT)
Russ Sainty - Race With The Devil (DECCA)
Lonnie - Need Your Lovin' (MOHAWK)
Lonnie Smithson - It Takes Time (STARDAY)
Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - What The Heck (REO)
Duffy Power - What Now? (FONTANA)
The Slades - Just You (DOMINO)
Duane Dee - When The Devil Rides The Wind (CAPITOL)
The Torquays - Temptation (PUNCH)
Jerry Glenn - Too Young To Cut The Mustard (RCA)

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